The idea for this website grew out of my wish to have a place where I can write down—and share—thoughts related to this question:

How does this matter (to me)?

Finding satisfactory answers to this question has become more and more important for me. Being in my mid-40s, I realized that a lot of what I do isn’t as connected to my sense of meaning—what truly matters to me—as I would like it to be.

And when I look out into the world, I frequently have the nagging feeling that many people feel similarly. That’s the primary reason to share my thoughts openly in the hope that whoever resonates with what I have to offer can draw some meaning from it as well.

Over time, I hope this will turn out to be a decent enough compendium of questions and answers that can provide you, the reader, with “sources of meaning”, supporting you in remembering what matters, and how—and with that make it easier to stay on track.

If you have any suggestions for additional questions or general topics, please use the contact form.

Thank you very much for your attention!

Jochen Weber