The Magic Formula

Without further ado, here it is: Carbu Nores – Leaho Totru Astra. What a weird magic formula, you might think. And why is there a pause between the second and third words? What is the purpose of this formula (what does it do)? And does it actually work? I’ll start with the purpose piece: the… Continue reading The Magic Formula

Mind Over Matter?

Can life really be cruel and yet worth living? That is the question I ended up with starting from a hypothetical situation. And I appreciate that the situation I will describe is contrived and artificial. I hope you can see that, despite it being artificial, the conflict it describes is real, albeit exaggerated to some… Continue reading Mind Over Matter?

Jazz-tune Yourself

At first I wanted to title this post simply “Tune Yourself”. Then I realized that is insufficient. Tuning can mean a lot of things. Generally speaking, I assume it refers to an increase of performance. It suggests fiddling or adjusting with some inner parameters. The reason I changed it to “Jazz-tune Yourself” gets at the… Continue reading Jazz-tune Yourself

The Slap of Vengeance

I am scared. There is no getting around that. My husband is a Chinese national. Until a few years ago, the global economy looked like binding the futures of vast numbers of people together. COVID and the war in Ukraine now seem to send an entirely different signal. The experience of global supply chain issues… Continue reading The Slap of Vengeance

There Is A Place For Everyone – and Everything

When was the last time you felt moved to tears? For me, it came quite unexpectedly just the other day. I was listening to some music on the YouTube channel of Yohan Kim. My intention with this post is to describe both the delight and also the melancholy I experienced as honestly as I can.… Continue reading There Is A Place For Everyone – and Everything

A Way Without a Goal?

As I am listening to Iain McGilchrist’s “The Master and His Emissary“, different images keep occurring to me. Some of these images leave me in a state of deep resonance. One way to express this state is: life without faith is like accepting that I am merely a (biological) robot. The first image I’d like… Continue reading A Way Without a Goal?