The Magic Formula

Without further ado, here it is: Carbu Nores – Leaho Totru Astra. What a weird magic formula, you might think. And why is there a pause between the second and third words? What is the purpose of this formula (what does it do)? And does it actually work? I’ll start with the purpose piece: the… Continue reading The Magic Formula

Bullshit’s Shadow

To avoid confusion, I will start with my own definition of bullshit: whenever I exert energy into efforts which are primarily meant to make others—and sometimes also myself—believe that I have something of value to contribute, or into efforts to shift attention away from my true motives, and a truthful disclosure of what I can… Continue reading Bullshit’s Shadow

Money, Credibility, and Bullshit

I know this topic may seem a bit of a departure from my usual venues—and yet I hope that mentioning the M-word in the title is not so unappealing that you feel like leaving already. Several experiences and events stimulated this post. I will briefly mention them and then do my best to provide a… Continue reading Money, Credibility, and Bullshit