Empathy as a Prison Key

A few days ago, I decided to watch the recently released, and already very controversial, Netflix Special of comedian David Chappelle, “The Closer”. The final segment—in which Chappelle references Daphne, an aspiring comedian transgender woman, who killed herself—is particularly poignant. And through some conversations I had with friends, I realized how deeply this segment connected… Continue reading Empathy as a Prison Key

Wanting, Liking, and Loving

The other day, I was on a weekly call with three other people I am taking an online course with. Going through this experience together, I sense that we have become really good friends. I expressed to them my anxiety about everything that could go wrong with the apartment my husband and I are about… Continue reading Wanting, Liking, and Loving

Words as Windows or Walls

The title of this post comes from a song that I learned about while listening to Marshall Rosenberg’s 9-CD Nonviolent Communication training. The song is called “Words are Windows, or they are Walls”. He sings it after relating an anecdote about nuns in a convent: they were stuck on the question of whether or not… Continue reading Words as Windows or Walls