Capitalism and Faith

This may seem like a pair of strange bedfellows. I expect people to generally consider faith superfluous when it comes to how the market operates: contracts and legal authorities regulate its function. During the search for an apartment, however, I considered the following hypothetical alternatives: First, imagine a broker—regardless of whether working for a seller… Continue reading Capitalism and Faith

Bullshit’s Shadow

To avoid confusion, I will start with my own definition of bullshit: whenever I exert energy into efforts which are primarily meant to make others—and sometimes also myself—believe that I have something of value to contribute, or into efforts to shift attention away from my true motives, and a truthful disclosure of what I can… Continue reading Bullshit’s Shadow

Leaning into Discomfort

I recently came across the term “comfort addiction.” Unfortunately, I don’t remember exactly where—it might have been in Anne Helen Petersen’s recently published book “Can’t Even.” The image is very simple: through mostly technological, and partly sociological, innovation, we have become so used to our environment behaving in predictable, familiar ways that we feel overwhelmed… Continue reading Leaning into Discomfort

Escape from Tyranny

Take a look at the following dialog occurring in a work context: Boss: Worker, when can you get the expenditure report done?Worker: That will take me three to four days, boss.Boss: I really need it by tomorrow, so you have until then!Worker: … [imagine what might be said here] Have you ever found yourself in… Continue reading Escape from Tyranny