Inner and Outer Goals

Some months ago I joined a mens group currently organized by Jacob Kishere. Every other Sunday morning we take part in Zoom calls with men from around the world. The following line of thought struck me as important during today’s call in two ways. First, it demonstrates why I sometimes find it difficult to follow… Continue reading Inner and Outer Goals

Leaning into Discomfort

I recently came across the term “comfort addiction.” Unfortunately, I don’t remember exactly where—it might have been in Anne Helen Petersen’s recently published book “Can’t Even.” The image is very simple: through mostly technological, and partly sociological, innovation, we have become so used to our environment behaving in predictable, familiar ways that we feel overwhelmed… Continue reading Leaning into Discomfort

Escape from Tyranny

Take a look at the following dialog occurring in a work context: Boss: Worker, when can you get the expenditure report done?Worker: That will take me three to four days, boss.Boss: I really need it by tomorrow, so you have until then!Worker: … [imagine what might be said here] Have you ever found yourself in… Continue reading Escape from Tyranny